March 7, 2012
Clara Calamai and the first italian topless on film

Clara Calamai

Clara Calamai (7 September 1909 - 21 September 1998) was an Italian actress.

She was one of the most famous and popular Italian actresses in the 1930s and 1940s, sharing the limelight with actresses such as Alida Valli, Valentina Cortese, and rivals, Doris Duranti, Luisa Ferida and Isa Miranda. She was a charming and versatile actress who starred in both dramas and comedies of the telefoni bianchi style.


In La cena delle beffe (Dinner of fun, 1941, an adaptation of a Sem Benelli's work, directed by Alessandro Blasetti) Calamai made a sensation by appearing in a very brief topless scene. The scene is commonly credited with being the first time that a woman had appeared topless in an Italian film, though the credit has been claimed by Vittoria Carpi who appeared topless for only a moment in the 1940 film La corona di ferro (The Iron Crown), also directed by Blasetti. Nevertheless, many people reportedly saw the movie many times because of the topless scene.


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